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The Paloma REMIX ready-to-drink cocktail is our unique take on a classic. Made with artisanal mezcal from the El Tinieblo Ranch in Tamaulipas, Mexico & crafted by our team of in-house experts, it's a high-quality, refreshingly zesty & gluten-free delight featuring grapefruit, lime, agave & smoked sea salt.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we do. Cheers...

Party Time

Elbows up. The Paloma REMIX pairs well with any party. Available to buy online and at selected retailers.


El Tinieblo mezcal has been artisanally produced since 1865 by the Perez Salinas family, using only the finest production processes, like copper stills, to distill the fermented agave juice we use to make the Paloma REMIX.

Ethically Grown

The agave used in creating the mezcal we sourced for our premium canned cocktail is grown with zero pesticides, insecticides, or harmful chemicals. It takes at least 7 years for one plant to mature.

From Mike and El

"We hope you enjoy our new Paloma Remix ready-to-drink cocktail, which we are proud to bring to you. Keep it locked here for new drops in 2024!"